Mileage:96733 M
24th May. After a chat with an independent dealer and getting their p/ex price I have taken £500 off the asking price, thanks!


2005 Audi TT Coupe - 3.2 manual

96,733 miles (20th May)

Mauritius Blue
Anis leather
Front CD and autochanger

Front tyres March 2022

Bought 9th March 2019 at 94,000 miles

Car stored indoors March 2019 - Jan 2022 - covered approx 2,200 miles
Now used more often and garaged

Car first serviced 29th March 2019 at The Phirm in Camberley at 94,567 miles where chain was checked and within limits.

In Jan 2021 the car had lots of work done as follows because it failed an MOT on the front suspension arms so I went a bit all out to correct that and more. From this work I have photos of the underside of the car.

Front shocks - Bilstein B4
Rear shocks - Monroe
Front control arms
Front ball joints
CV boot kit (front)
Fuel filter
Tie rod end (n/s)
Wheel alignment

Car next serviced at Winchester Auto Barn 28th Jan 2022 at 96,057 miles

Lots of paperwork with the car and the stamped Audi Service Schedule book too. Steering wheel and seats cleaned with Dr Leather wipes.

The dashboard has two issues - the fuel gauge and pixelation. The digital fuel readout is of course, accurate. As the car has only been living in the same place as me since January, I have not managed to go to Cartronix to get this fixed.

It's a great car, great noise and back to simple motoring. I am selling it for a more child/child seat-friendly car, most likely a Golf!

Car is based near Stockbridge, Hampshire. Happy to give walkaround video to interested parties prior to viewing the car. If you'd like the reg please get in touch. I've not made it visible as I've been on the receiving end of plate cloning with my A6!