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Hi all, i really need ur help and input for this one..

My friend has a tt roadster 225 2003/4 (not sure)

He was ragging the car - timing belt went and the engine is fooked - the garage have said it will cost more to fix the engine than the cars worth -the insurance company are going to pay him out so he has an option to scrap or sell for parts.

I want the car :) if he gives me a good price? (what would a good price ?)

Also what is the WORST CASE SCENARIO damage that may have been caused - i called the garage who said it was a write off and they simply said the engine if not worth fixing and would not give me a specific break down - i doubt they really checked in that much detail i dont know i have a feeling he knows someone there anyway and wanted that outcome?!?

The Mrs is looking a Mercedes at the moment but i though a roadster would be ideal :p

then i thought if the engine needs to be rebuilt why not COMPLETLY rebuild it - new everything upgraded - turbo upgrade - everything - seems like a perfect excuse for a project and at the end of it a rediculous TT maybe plus 3/400 ?

The problem is i have no idea of A how much he will sell for and if it will be a good price B how much it would cost WORST CASE to put it back to standard and C how much i would need to spend to put it together upgraded, ie cost of new turbo and all pistons etc etc?

i looked around online and the sky is the limit really so i was hoping someone could give me ball park estimates if im looking at 5grand 10grand? so i can determine if its worth it ot to just buy a new engine?- or whether she can just get a Mercedes...

i have limited info on the car at present other than its a roadster quattro silver i think 2003, 90'000 km

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I would think a replacement standard engine would be around 1-1.5K

The valves will be history, and probably the cylinder head, pistons and cylinders. You may save the rest of the engine, and it might be a good time to consider a 2.0L rebuild.viewtopic.php?f=2&t=141071&hilit=2+0l+build+monster

Do a search for big turbo build costs, but it really all depends on what you want the final output to be,300, 350, 400? and just how many internal components you want to change along the way. Unless you have bottomless pockets, keep it realistic and in balance between what you uprate and what output you want from the engine.

Check out this ad viewtopic.php?f=41&t=162773&p=1656292&hilit=elrao#p1656292 for an idea of what's needed.

And do bear in mind that at the end of the day, you will have cat D car, so probably best to do a cheap fix and enjoy
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