This is a brand new break calliper that was sent to me in error by a supplier. I ordered two rear callipers for my Audi TT MK1 (225). The rear left was OK but they sent me this one for the right. This is for the 150Bhp version of the TT MK1 and not the 225bhp version. They do look very similar so only noticed when it didn’t fit.

The supplier won’t take it back because they say I attempted to fit it and would not take any responsibility for their error. I have since brought the correct one and given up with the original supplier.

The calliper is made by SKV with their part number 23SKV118 Yellow. Audi’s part number is 1J0615424. It has a few knocks to it but pretty much perfect as it wasn’t fully fitted as it didn’t fit.

I understand it will fit other VAG group cars so please check.

Any questions then please e:Mail me.