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i have just finished on some audi tt bumpers

firstly i have a front that i have plastic welded up the washer jet holes and plastic welded up the number plate recess and it is all smoothed, in primer i want around £150, painted can do £200

next i have a rear bumper thats had all swage lines smoothed out, exhuast splitter type bit is also now part of the bumper
want around £120 in primer or £170 painted

last but not least i have another rear, same again with all swage lines smoothed up, but this i have made the number plate recess smaller and i think its perfect for a 5 digit plate, want around £150 in primer, £200 painted

but if i get alot of interest i can do more bumpers

and if your wondering, yes i am a professional panel beater/painter

finally sorted pics of some on my mates car

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