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Decent sound returns and and proper bluetooth hands free with a real microphone on a MK1
This post is relevant If you have/had the Chorus or Concerts Rear Amplified Radio

My Y REG (2001) Black on Black 225 has gone through a number of radio changes since I got it last year.
This includes putting in a cheap Chinese stereo from Amazon with an integral microphone - waste of time.
I realised that to do it properly, I needed:

A) A decent radio unit
B) A radio unit that was not too deep as there is not a lot of room behind the radio
C) A radio with a thin knob so that it doesn't get pressed when closing the radio flap
D) A radio unit that took an external microphone that I could wire around to the top internal door surround, so it was as near as possible to my face (my car is not quiet)
E) To replace the front 4 ohm 16cm door speakers as they were buzzing and warping due to degraded and torn cones

I bought:
Kenwood KMMBT206 Mechless Bluetooth Handsfree
Media player Vehicle Home appliance Audio equipment Font

Rectangle Font Electronic device Technology Circle

Which has an external microphone and a nice red glow that matches the internal instruments of the TT.
It is also shallow and has a USB port for Audio and charging.

Sony XS-FB1620E 16cm (6.5”) 2-Way Speakers, black
Car subwoofer Camera accessory Automotive tire Output device Audio equipment

Grills not needed.

Car Stereo Upgrade Fitting Kit Audio System fit AUDI TT 8N 98-06 MK1
Font Cable Auto part Musical instrument accessory Automotive lighting

The essential bit of this kit are the Booster Aerial (essential) and the Removal Keys.
The rear Bose Wiring Harness is good as it stops you having to cut wires on the original car's wiring (although you will have to cut wires coming from this harness and splice in the Kenwood wires) and the Single Din Fascia Panel is nice to tidy up the front after install but I found black tape to be just as good.

Here are the important wiring diagrams you will need, with my notes:
This is the back of the old radio so mirror when looking at the connectors
Rectangle Schematic Font Parallel Engineering

Rectangle Font Parallel Slope Number

On this Kenwood the rear speakers come from the Audio LineOut sockets not the Din connector as you do not want powered output for the rear.
You will almost certainly need to reverse the red and yellow (as suggested above). You will know if you do if your radio forgets all settings when you turn the ignition off.

One you have it working you will want to replace your front 16cm speakers as the original ones will be old and worn out. Mine sounded distorted and buzzy due to the cones having ripped away.

Removing the door trim
I followed this guide: Waks Wide Web
It was easy. But I found that I did not need the thin rod to loosen a spring mentioned, and that I could just twist the alloy dimpled disc at the base of the door handle by hand and pop it off.

Changing the 16cm speakers
The tiny tweeters can stay as they are.
I followed this video:
and reused the front of the old speaker surrounds to secure the new Sony's. It also raises the speaker so that the new inbuilt tweeter does not interfere.
The speakers came with spade cable connectors so no soldering was required. Just cut the old speaker plug, strip the wires and join to the new cables using conblock or wago connectors.
Also, rather than small bolts I used small self tap screws and hot glue to secure the front surround from the old speaker to the new speaker.

I'm really pleased with the result. I now have really decent sound and proper bluetooth hands free

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Great job,,,
nice head unit,,,
I was lucky,,mine came with an Alpine with Bluetooth and I tunes that plays without a lightning lead but the unit has a aux input but the Bluetooth music streaming is flawless in comparison to the same effect from our dd Golf R ,where the music streaming stops for a second,,,unit lighting changes colour also,,
one of the future jobs is to replace the speakers although the standard speaker’s sounds ok,,
I try to have Alpine speakers fitted to match the unit

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Good post thanks for sharing, if you wanted to you could locate the mic in the factory position and mount it behind the grill between the temp and fuel gauge on the dash.
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