Looking for what I would call an enthusiast owned and 'sorted' Mk 2, so I'm not going anywhere near the Autotrader/Ebay world for this.
And for something that has been looked after and loved, fully expect to pay a premium and I'm OK with that. Just want to avoid as many problems or covered-up problems further down the line (fingers crossed !)

Not going to be too specific, as that seriously limits what might be offered, so just a few general wants/don't wants.

Years; 2007/2008/2009.
FSH with Cambelt/Water pump done. Clutch/DMF if needed.
Xenons if poss.
OK with mapped or not.
OK with performance bits and pieces, Cobra etc.
OK with most colours. Preference is grey or blue, but not silver.
OK with most interiors. Preference is for beige/cream (not fussed if full or half leather), but not red though.
No smoking vehicle.

Happy to look at TFSI or TDI.
Open-minded about 2.0 or 3.2, as well as manual or S-Tronic, but trying to keep future ownership bills down, so probably a straight 2.0 manual might be best.
And have a sensible budget to aim at !

Cheers all for any help or offers that come through.