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Hi Guys

I picked up nearly all of the below yesterday and before it goes on the website I am offering it up to forum members :)

All prices include UK shipping except for the hardtop for obvious reasons. I will send any of the shippable items overseas subject to additional charge. Please bare this in mind when you assess the pricing as if on Ebay the shipping is often additional.

There is a mixture of standard parts and modified bits too. Please feel free to PM or call 07814 365147 with any questions.

1) Olive green hardtop, bought new with a TTR in 2001. Excellent condition (1 tiny stone chip, easily touched in) - only used for 1000 miles max, with the original storage bag, the original locking handle and the original interior clip-in trim peices, that cover the internal mechanism when the hardtop is in place. These cost over £2500 when new from Audi - £800 SOLD SOLD SOLD

2) Hyperboost Diverter Valve - This works in the same way as the Forge 007p offering full air recirculation - £50

3) OEM Coolant Tank Cap - we all know what this looks like - £4

4) OEM Dipstick - SOLD SOLD SOLD

5) OEM 5 bar grille with Quattro badge - £50

6) OEM Roadster Tonneau Cover - £50 SOLD SOLD SOLD

7) 1x Eibach 20mm spacer plus bolts - NEW (for use with space saver spare wheel to fit over brakes ) £28

/8) OEM Gear Selector Shaft bracket £20 -

9) 1x Clear side indicator and 2 bulbs (2nd side indicator with broken clip included free! ) -£6

10) 1x Drivers side floor mat - this is as new and I may even bung it in my own car £18 SOLD SOLD SOLD

11) Modshack MAF ( £50 SOLD SOLD SOLD

12) Ashtray assembly £28

13) OEM 6 CD changer - with cartridge and mounting brackets, just seen one buy now on Ebay for £125+postage - £80

14) OEM door handles (drivers side is in good condition, I would happily put it in my own car) £18 pair may split and handbrake cover £13

15) BAM fuel rail + plastic clip £45

16) Original TT rear badge - this is used, no sticky and perfect for painting black £4

17) Front orange indicator lenses - ideal if you want to try spraying them black rather than spending £70 on OSIR corners, but are worried about making a hash of it - £15

18) Left OEM intercooler - £50

20) Right OEM intercooler - £50

21) BAM throttle body -SOLD

22) OEM windscreen wiper arms + blades - £25

23) Pace front mount oil cooler - with hoses and mounting points in place - this is a serious bit of kit for the serious modifier - £90

24) Assorted metal and samco hoses







Charge pipe, ideal for polishing or powdercoating without taking your car off the road, then sell your old one on - £45

25) Forge metal wheel locator (as new) - SOLD SOLD SOLD

26) Brand new Audi RS4 (B5) grey alcantara gear knob (8D0 711 141 17K) This is brand new still in the plastic wrapper and cost around £70 new - ideal for someone with silver/grey leather £45

27) Jabbasport 225 TT MK1 intake manifold. This is a beautifully crafted piece of kit, the sort of thing that when you open your bonnet and people see it, they know you are serious these cost £699 brand new - ... IM20VJABBA - the listing says for MK4 Golf etc but I checked with Jabba and they said it is in the wrong place on the website - £400

28) Battery top cover, ideal for anyone who has gone to the trouble of relocating the battery to the boot. £15

29) Drivers side electric window switch, the buttons are a little worn but it works fine and who sees the switches anyway - £15

30) Trim piece that fits around the dipstick - £12 SOLD SOLD SOLD

31) V6 spring set - taken off GEM's car at 14,000 miles


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