Notchy gearbox in sport mode, oil leaks, poor history, accident damage, abnormally worn interiors. These are all the problems I found with other TTRS's that I viewed. When I viewed this one it restored my faith in humanity, it was advertised as mint and it absolutely was.

Apologies for the poor photos, I haven't had a chance to give it a deep clean and take proper pictures. I will upload better photos once I get a quiet weekend..

The car has been regularly ceramic coated and the bodywork is extremely good. It is mechanically perfect; the gearbox is smooth in all modes, the engine uses no oil and the car drives beautifully. The interior is spotless and there is no wear on the bolsters. It has had recent pads and discs all round, the pilot sport tyres have little wear and it also has new HEL braided flexi hoses. The DSG service was done recently and it has impeccable service history. The car is completely standard apart from a switchable scorpion exhaust. It sounds fairly stock in normal mode but in sport the 5 cylinder engine makes it feel like you are in a super car, it sounds utterly amazing. It has the Bose sound system with built in sat nav. There are 3 registered previous owners but in fact there are only 2. The previous owner passed away unfortunately, so ownership was transferred within the family to facilitate the sale of the car. The launch control has never been used.

The DSG gearbox and the drivetrain in general is an engineering marvel but I want to back to a RWD manual, hence why I'm selling. This car has clearly been loved its whole life. My TTRS has been a joy to own and it literally needs nothing done to it. It just needs a new owner.

The cheapest DSG TTRS on autotrader with my sort of mileage is around the 20K mark so lets go with that. I am located near Telford.

£20,000 ono.