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I never recieved a notice from Auidi but stumbled upon it while at the dealer asking about resolving my engine check light & fault codes (posted here: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=281086).

They are called "updates" so they dont have to notify you.....

This may be known to everyone but I found out Audi will update your PVC and HPFP low pressure switch even if you are out of the basic warranty period. Apparently these campaigns are good for 10 years/120,000 MILES.

The dealer had my car for ~2.5hours at $0 cost to me :p

Campaign 17D9 - parts replaced:
06F-129-101-P - Valve
06F-103-215-B - Tube
06F-145-757-F -GASKET
06F-103-483-E GASKET
N-904-096-01 - CLIP

if you click on the link - shows you the parts repaced: ... n/ES8209/#

Campaign 24T4
06E-906-051-K - thrust sensor/Low Pressure Fuel Sensor ... /ES251666/

Although they did not replace it, I found out my "Intake Manifold RC Motor" is also warrantied for 10 years/120,000 MILES and my S tronic is warrantied for 10 years/100,000 MILES( I've seen posts on the S tronic warranty but now I have a hard copy of the warranties that apply to my vehicle).
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