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Found the vac' canister top was previous broken and glued back together by a local garage so I'm looking to replace it.

The canister has part number:
8N0 201 803 ? (last digit is damaged)

The cap has part number:
1C0 201 246

From what is left, I think the cap should have a small port on the side that the nylon pipe connects on to. The port is snapped off and filled with glue. So I need a new cap.

I guess that I'm going to have to replace the nylon pipe too, as that has the end of the cap glued in it. The nylon hose has part number 8N0 201 160G.

Audi parts dept are now closed, but wondered if anyone know if these parts are easily obtainable?

And also, if the port on the cap was sealed up with glue, what effect on the engine would that of had?

Red arrow = hose connects to cap that pushed on here
Blue arrow = nylon hose that has end of cap still in it
Yellow arrow = nylon hose connects to fuel system

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