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OK, I think a bunch of people have got themselves VERY confused over this.

This is effectively the law in Germany at the moment and you don't see a shortage of modded German cars do you?

What it says is that the modifcations need to be subject to additional type approval. This is the TUeV approval you see on all German modifcations. It will add cost to some products (it's the main reason German mods are so expensive) but it will ensure that the mods are safe and legal.

If you have a modification you have done yourself, you take it to the local TUeV testing station (MOT centre) and they verify it complies with type approval legislation and then they organise for the equivalent of the V5 to be amended to show you've had it tested.

It won't stop modding at all, it will force a few cowboys to clean up their act and a few very extreme mods may be banned, but in general, it will work very smoothly.

I think this should be posted in the GD section, as it's not Mk II specific and you'll actually generate some discussion if you post it there.
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