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vin225 said:

My friend has a 2001 TT and everytime he unlocks the car the windows go down on there own.

It's strange as it doesn't do that on mine.

Anyone have any ideas?
The window motors are torque sensing so must be dropping due to a load they are detecting . Do a window reset to reset the mechanism and all should be ok. From memory:
Turn ignition to on, but don't start engine.
Open the door:
As the windows will be down already. Press up to close, then down to bottom.
Take all the way up again.
Release the button.
Then immeadiately press and hold up for 2-3 seconds.
The window should drop slightly and the reset should be complete now.

Hope this helps


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Hi, Try the window reset as above, but I'm wondering is the Fob button sticking down, because holding the fob button down will open window until button is released.
Hoggy. :D
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